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About the Artist

I am a fabric artist. I dye and pattern blank fabric, turning it into stories about  complex political and social relations. Until 1987, all my creations were short statements about color, pattern and shapes which became clothes. Invited to do a one person exhibit gave me an opportunity to direct those primary skills toward more stories about family, biography, literacy…Today, I am challenged to tell a story about my all encompassing interest in the human dialogue between artist and the public-thus The Canopy Project.


2023 The Canopy Project, Exhibit and Installation, Macon Mall, Macon, GA

2022, Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA, Bright City

2022, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, 2022

2020, The Covering- A Retrospective, Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA


2022,The Hopewell Project,  Somebody’s Calling My Name (Quilt) .


Macon, GA Chapter of the Links, 2019 Service Award, October 5, 2019

Macon Arts Alliance, Rosalyn Elkan Lifetime Achievement Award, October 2019


Traci Burns “New Passage”, Macon Magazine,April/May 2020.

Obie Brown, “That’s How We Survived”,  Historic Macon Newsletter , October-November 2022

Selected Lectures:

2022, University of Alabama, Every Stitch a Story: A Symposium on Quilts of Alabama

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